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The cheapest plan at spirit costs about $150/per check for a family with one child or 20 children. It has $4500 deductible but the company puts in $3000 into an HRA for use toward the deductible. It also rolls over to the next year if you don't use it all.

1/1/17 you have $4500 deductible and $3000 in HRA
It was a healthy year so 12/31/17 you have $3500 left before your deductible is met and $2000 left in your HRA.

1/1/18 your deductible is reset to $4500 and another $3000 is deposited by the company into your HRA which had $2000 left from 2017. You now have $5000 in your HRA. You essentially have a plan with no deductible.

After the deductible is met the plan pays 90% and you pay 10%. To pay that 10% you can also use the company HRA funds if you have some left.

All that HRA money also counts toward your max out of pocket for the year because the insurance company sees it as your money even though the company gave it to you. Max out of pocket for a year is about $7000 for a family. Ive had a baby and some ER visits with my older child on this plan and the most money I've paid out of pocket excluding my premiums was about $2k. That year is started at $4500 deductible and $3000 in my HRA so $1500 of my out of pocket was meeting the deductible. Last year was a good year and I didn't spend a dime out of pocket and rolled some HRA money over to this year and my deductible will be completely covered and then some. Have a couple good years in a row and it's possible to have a catastrophic accident and meet your max out of pocket without actually spending a dime.

There are some more traditional type plans with higher premiums but I really don't know why guys are on them after running the numbers. The $4500 deductible would be a deal breaker if it weren't for the company contributions to the HRA and ability to roll it over. My understanding is that only the pilots have this and the other employees need to pony up $4500 before the plan pays a dime.
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