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Originally Posted by astral View Post
Not picking up open time, has nothing to do with a work action!
The vast majority of Spirit pilots are not willing to work for these substandard rates.
That's all!
Some make more money at home, compared to the amount of time spent commuting, waiting at the airport and for hotel vans.

Management trying to throw it back at the pilot group, is another attempt to vilify, while not taking any responsibility.

We are just fed up with the treatment and pay and do not feel like working overtime, nothing illegal or wrong with that.

While I personally agree with you, legal precedence is not so black and white. Delta sued the Union/Pilot group around 2000 when we stopped picking up open time. The company said it was an illegal change to the status quo under the RLA.

If I remember correctly the Pilots and DALPA initially won in court, but the the company appealed the case and won on appeal. So I don't think its a slam dunk for either the company or the Pilots but the standing precedent may be negative for Pilots.

And be warned that 49 individual Pilots were named as defendants partly because they left a paper/electronic trail. Its not fun to answer your door, be served, and find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit with your employer.

I personally think that if Pilots choose not to fly overtime that is their own choice but when it changes "noticeably and substantially" you are in Status-quo land.

My advice to you guys is follow the advice of your union. The free market forces are clearly on your side - don't blow it.

Good luck!

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