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Originally Posted by av8r4aa

When will the flying public learn the true meaning of


Good question, maybe this can help.

American Airlines

American Airlines’ pilot training program is under watch due to the number of plane crashes that have been attributed to pilot errors over the last 15 years. Since 1985 American Airlines has had 270 fatalities, 741 FAA incidents, 158 NTSB incidents, and 505 FAA violations/fines in 1997-2000, making it the U.S. leader in FAA violations and fines.


Aviation Lawyer

>>It's only a matter of time that SWA will be buying Made in China Airplanes<<

Let's see, SWA's history is 100% Boeing.

AMR's history includes Airbi from France, Fokkers from Holland, BAC's from England, and of course, the RJ's from Brazil and Canada.

Speaking of China, how much Walmart merchandise gets hauled between AA's newly gained and hard fought for China service and it's code share agreement with China Eastern Airlines. How much revenue does AMR earn today from flights flown by former MIG pilot Chicoms from China Eastern flights carrying AA passengers holding AA generated tickets bearing AA codes.

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