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Arrow Sub forums / Regional, Major, Cargo

Hey All, we have received great feedback regarding the new Regional forum set up and have come to a solution that should please everyone.

We will begin using pre-fixes to "categorize" threads by Airline rather than the current set up, which has each Airline separated into individual subforums. We can create as many categories as needed, so please let us know if there are any airlines missing from our current list (list below).

It is a lighter categorization option, which labels the threads rather than moving the threads into a specific separate subforum. As such, we will be replacing the Airline subforums with links to the category section of the Airline.

The front end look-and-feel would appear basically the same: the top part of the Regional section will display the list of the Airlines sorted A-Z.

However, the bottom part will display all of the most recently updated threads (including the ones that are categorized by Airline).

Create a new thread:
When creating a new thread, users will be prompted to "categorize" the thread, by selecting a prefix from a drop down menu. These prefixes will be the same as the subforums, allowing the user categorize each regional airline appropriately.

The prefixes to select from will be:
1. Air Wisconsin
2. Compass Airlines
3. Endeavor Air
4. Envoy Airlines
5. ExpressJet
6. GoJet
7. Horizon Air
8. Mesa Air
9. Piedmont Airlines
10. PSA Airlines
11. Republic Airline
12. SkyWest
13. Trans States Airlines
14. Other Regional Airlines
15. General Regional Conversations

Next steps:
We will first take care of “Regional” and we will then apply the same to “Major” and “Cargo”

Hope this works; let us know if you have questions. Thanks for the feedback and the support! If you wish to add your own opinion, below are the threads where this conversation has been developing:

Thank you to all of the users who have commented so far -
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