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It's only a matter of time that SWA will be buying Made in China Airplanes
And crewing them with dirt poor farmers from some third world country.

Ninety Two, are quite correct SWA does pay quite well and are hiring. They paid this "dirt poor farmers from some third world country" $202K last year to fly an AMERICAN MADE B-737 (more than an AA 777 driver) and hiring projections call for 250 more new hires this year and 500 min. next year.

Widow's son....Great reference points!
Seems quite simple to me
But what do I know

Apparently not much. I'm thankful that Gary Kelly is running the SWA show and not some idiot without a concept of business

You might want to be careful bashing Walmart, some of your 2500+ layed-off coworkers may be working there. Oh did I mention that SWA has never laid off a pilot. I can't figure out why you are so angry with lil' old SWA, heck you work for the biggerst airline in the world and you guys made a profit last quarter.
Your jealous rants are quite a compliment. Thank you.

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