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Originally Posted by Mr Rumbold View Post
When you say the 767 side is teaching, etc and the 747 is evaluation.. Are you talking about in the training department? Or online as well?
Mostly training. And it's not oppressive on the 747 side - our bust rates are typical - it's just archaic and unnecessary. Training is trying to turn the ship but with the CBA fight going on, they won't get far. The move toward AQP stalled a couple of years ago, but we are moving to a LOFT scenario for the non-jeopardy check rides. (AQP lite?) So, progress, albeit glacial.

Out on line, the 767 has been a very open culture since day 1, both by design and necessity. The Fleet Manager specifically created a culture opposite to that of the 747-400 (and more like the 747-200 culture, i'm told). Plus, all the 767 captains were new to the jet and had to rely on the early FOs, many of whom were previously 767 CAs somewhere else. That broke down the walls pretty quickly.

I was only on the 747 briefly, but my enjoyment of any given trip more often than not was dependent on the CA's age. Younger guys were fine. Some old guys were fantastic. But some... Well, they had some interesting techniques and interesting ideas about CRM, or a lack thereof. Their numbers get smaller every year, though. Crazy growth solves a lot of those problems, and now the more prevalent concern will be dropping experience levels in both seats, on both fleets, but it's more pronounced on the 767.

Went through that at the regionals. It can be done if Training adapts and the pilot group buys in. We'll see how that all shakes out.
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