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Originally Posted by SCRWDbyMGMT View Post
I'll speak slowly so that BoilerUp can understand. I was, and continue to be, SCRWDbyMGMT. Now, it seems to me that If I wasn't getting SCRWDbyMGMT then my representative Union would be doing it's job. However, since I am currently being SCRWDbyMGMT, then it seems logical to assume that my representative union is not doing their job. In fact, I know I've read this somewhere, all ALPA pilots (and non-ALPA) have suffered massive career degradation. So, I think it is safe to assume that all ALPA pilots have been SCRWDbyALPA.
Of course, if BoilerUp is happy with the status quo, please pass him another glass of Kool-Aid.
With all due respect, I'd like to throw something in here. If you really want to be SCRWDbyMGMT, throw the union off of the property. Then bend over and get ready to take it. Where I work back in the early 90's we were asked to "Give us just one year to fix all of the problems before you make the decision to unionize. Just one year." We voted the union down giving them that year. We were then bent over (we didn't know it was coming so I guess you could call it a form of financial rape) and worked just as fast and as hard as management could make it happen.

ALPA sure isn't perfect. But having a contract brings me a great deal of comfort. The idea of 4,600 independent contractors working against each other is not appealing at all.
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