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Originally Posted by all4114all View Post
Interesting. The anti alpa post are intelligent and provide facts. The Pro ALPA posts, which are provided to you from paid ALPA employees with your dues are based on fear not on facts.

Bottom line, non alpa carriers are fairing quite well, ie: Southwest, American Airlines, Etc. They will not address this with facts, just fear, because they fear they will lose their cush job that you pay for with you hard earned dues.
Interesting. I tell you how I feel (fact) and some poge comes in and says I'm trying to scare you. My post was not pro ALPA. It was pro contract. That lovely little device that provides you with, at the very least, the minimum of protections. And what the poge apparently fails to understand is that my ALPA is not the same as the ALPA on other properties. Each negotiates their own deal.

Bottom line, there is at least one ALPA carrier that is doing OK. It's not perfect, but having experienced the alternative, I'll take our contract in a heartbeat. What each of you supports is your own decision. If that scares you, you should probably seek out professional help. My cush job not withstanding.
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