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Originally Posted by all4114all View Post
So Boiler, you want it both ways, you want the old out if their Airline was having financial trouble, if their company is doing well, you want them out at 60.
I have never said anything to that effect, and to make that assumption off of those two posts is a STRETCH by even the most active of imaginations.

That sir, makes you a hypocrite and poster boy with what is wrong with this world today.
You are a selfish, spoiled brat. Your lineage should be ended for the benefit of society.
So....I'm a "spoiled brat", "hypocrite", "poster boy with what is wrong with this world today" simply because my opinions differ from yours? Thanks for the kind words, I'm sure you're nothing but objective in your judgment of my character.

I've always stated that my take on Age 60 is selfish in nature, but it is absolutely no less selfish than those lobbying for a change who benefited their entire careers from seniority advancement because of Age 60 retirements and who will now enjoy another 5 years at the expense of furloughed pilots, junior pilots, and folks like myself that are young and trying to move up in our careers. Requiring 121 PICs to be under 60 not only provides 5 more years of earning for those who want or need to work longer, it also preserves career advancement for younger pilots.

God forbid there be talk of a workable compromise...

In your native lingo this means, Your Mama!
"Your mama?" How can a phrase from 1980s pop culture be considered an insult in 2007?
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