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You're right about the commander's responsibility. I don't mean to expose any dirty laundry. But it sounds like you've been in the military and know the mentality I'm talking about. The commander is responsible but as a Guard unit, we're fairly new to this op-tempo and until something "bad" happens, the policy is there, the power-point briefings are there, but the individual sense of consequence is not there. At the very least, I'd like to avoid someone taking out a taxi light, getting investigated and possibly losing their flight privliges. We have too many young staff aviators who are willing to work themeselves to death at their administrative duties and then go fly just for the chance to fly. The correlation between working at their desk and flying is not there. So the opportunity is there to work 12 hours at their administrative duties without anyone even knowing it before they go fly for the next 4.

I'm going to shut up now. But I appreciate the references and I've already downloaded the link. I'm on ako and my address in morgan.lawrence. Any help is much appreciated. Fly safe!
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