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Originally Posted by ryane946 View Post
Information needed to answer the question:
A = ?
B = ?
C = ?
Home is in = ?

If you don't want to list B (since it is a small company), you should still probably tell us who A and C are.
SteamJet told you all you need to know.

Originally Posted by SteamJet View Post
I have a firm class date for airline "A" in less than a month. It's a decent airline with a decent future and I wouldn't mind working there. The day after I accepted "A"s offer, I got a contingent offer (it's a long story) from airline "B" that will become a firm offer (or go away) 2 weeks before the "A" class starts. The "B" class starts 2 days before the "A" class and I would very much prefer to work at "B". Right now both "A" and "B" believe I'm committed to their airline.

As an added bonus, I have an interview with airline "C" one week before the other two airline's classes start. Conventional wisdom says airline "C" is a superior place to work than either "A" or "B". The problem with "C" is if they hired me, I would already be IN "A" or "B"s class when I found out.

It's possible I'm going to have to stiff "A" 2 weeks before their class starts and/or "A" or "B" after I've already showed up and started their indoc training. If either of these scenarios plays out, what is the best way to handle the situation?

I'm already very uncomfortable leading these companies on, especially "B" since it is a small company and I have an internal rec from one of my friends there. It also distresses me greatly that I would be causing them a lot of trouble/expense, especially if I actually started class and then quit after a few days. On the other hand, I've come to learn this is a cut-throat business and things like this do happen.

If anyone has experience with this type of situation, I would appreciate your insight and input on how to best handle the situation. Thanks.
"A" is not SteamJet's first choice but its not a bad choice and is "the bird in hand".

"B" is where SteamJet really wants to work, but it's a small company and it's a conditional offer.

"C" is where everyone thinks SteamJet should go regardless of anything else in his/her life (like most would say about FedEx, UPS and SWA).

The company names are irrelevant.
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