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Originally Posted by CompetentFool View Post
.....where ALPA takes over the entire plan from FedEx and becomes the administrator thus relieving FedEx of the onerous pension funding requirements.
How does ALPA acting as "the administrator" relieve FedEx of funding requirements? It's still FedEx money that makes the pension work - so.....wouldn't they still need to pay into the plan as normal?

We "relieved" FedEx of a BUNCH of stuff we shouldn't have with this last contract. My desire to "relieve" them of further responsibilities is minuscule at this point.

P.S. My initial gut reaction (which has a pretty good track record) is NF Way. I have ZERO or even NEGATIVE (if that's possible) trust in our MEC's ability to negotiate something like this. After the BS sell job they did on the POS 2015 contract which continues to fail us monthly and isn't even fully implemented almost 2 years after ratification, why would I have any hope for a positive outcome on this. I just ran across BS (nice initials BTW) from the famed video sales pitch series and it was all I could do to simply be civil and bite my tongue to avoid calling him out.

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