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Originally Posted by FlyerJosh View Post
Like it or not, if you work for a company that has a collective bargining agreement, your pay figures (and everything else that is in your contract) is going to be public knowledge- regardless of whether or not this site posts the info.

With that many folks involved with the contract negotiations (or union participating members/employees), there's not one contract that isn't available for the media or public to see if they know where to look or who to ask.

If you don't want your pay info to be out there in cyberspace, find a job where the salary isn't negotiated for the masses.
No. Our contracts are not public documents. Who told you that? Not too long ago it was very dificult to find out the pay scales of the other airlines. Company's like FAPA provided a salary survey for purchase. You could call the MEC or union of an airline and maybe get the info but it was not widely available.
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