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Originally Posted by mike734 View Post
I still think you guys are too stringent considering you get a pass from the entire industry for your unilateral decision to publish everyones pay scale.

This site was extremely controversial when it started as "" Many people were very upset that you chose to publish other peoples pay in such a public forum. Some people want to keep their paycheck information private. You chose to ignore them and make all airlines pay public.

I, for one, feel getting pay information out there for comparison is healthy but I am still a little bothered by the ease that my neighbors, family and anyone else can know almost exactly what I make.

This may be YOUR site but the information with which you built the site is OURS. You used it without asking. I think you should cut us a little slack.
I'm not sure I follow you. Are you suggesting that we should allow dissemination of airline security info, slander, liable, porn, and other non-aviation related topics because we publish pilot contributed information? I'd be happy to talk with you by phone, just PM me with a number although I'd prefer to keep this thread focused on the forum rules (which is a different web site than
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