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Originally Posted by e6bpilot View Post
I have worn Bose headsets in a previous life on much longer legs in a similar noisy airplane.
The noise canceling can't be beat. You are in a cone of silence. The reason that I actually prefer the company provided headset at SWA is the Bose would give me a headache after about 2 hours. It is definitely a personal preference. If the clamp headset style doesn't bother you, it is absolutely worth it. I just can't get past the weight and pressure it puts on your head.

I'm assuming you're referring to the Bose X. I used those as well in a previous AF life and agree it would get uncomfortable after hours of flying. I'll just say the Bose A20s have never left me with that clamped feeling. They're expensive but the way I saw it was, I'll be on average using it 13+ days a month, so it's probably worth the investment. 3 years later, and I still have no regrets.
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