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Originally Posted by edznaz View Post
OK, thanks for the info. I'd be curious to hear what the sentiment is. The pay plus the new bases got my attention, and I'm probably on the higher end of folks you would see as new hires (10k, 6k pic jet). Hope it all works out. Thanks again for the info.

The sentiment in general seems to be: Anybody hired since Nov 2005 ratification of the last contract will vote for it, many of the "pre-rat" people will vote against it. The "NO" voters seem to feel too much will be given up down the line including extending the amendable date, scheduling, home basing, sick leave versus personal time off (PTO), and other issues. The desperately needed pay increase and improved basing for newbies may go by the boards until 2010. As the man said: "Caveat emptor." (that's "buyer beware" for those edumacated in public school).
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