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Originally Posted by av8r4aa
They exploit the fabric of this country. And send all the jobs off shore. It's only a matter of time that SWA will be buying Made in China Airplanes
I'm not familar with that practice, could you expand on how SWA is exploiting the fabric of this country and sending jobs off shore? As stated before, my understanding was that they paid a decent wage and benefits, are profitable, and hire only US employees.

Originally Posted by av8r4aa
...They should rename it Air-Bubba or Redneck-Air.
Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Originally Posted by av8r4aa
How about save all that money building up Seattle Boeing field. and take that offer for FREE GATES and many other perks at DFW!
Your really a mangment pilot at AA aren't you? I think that AA managment must be the only ones who don't understand why SWA will never go to DFW. It's about operating costs not the lease costs. SWA in general shys away from slot controled - high capcity airports. Until the feds get a grip an ATC, SWA will always go for the path of least resistance in terms of airport delays.
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