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Originally Posted by DrJekyll MrHyde View Post
Wow! Linda Puchala isn't a senior mediator, she is the chairman of the NMB! Literally the highest ranking member of the NMB. If she's having to step in to oversee your mediation, and your management is playing games, there's no one that can get you released faster than her.

We have Harry Hoglander, the other NMB (board) member, overseeing our mediation sessions. Gerry McGuckin is our regular mediator, and by his resume I would consider him both experienced and favorable.

Currently the NMB is operating with two board members, Puchala and Hoglander, but it is typically three. Both current members are democrats, the third that left was a republican. Two republicans have been nominated by Trump's cabinet for the NMB but haven't been confirmed. After their confirmation the speculation is that Puchala will stay and Hoglander will go, leaving a total of three.

At least if the confirmation of the new NMB members is completed the Spirit pilots (probably) will have continuity with Puchala.
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