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I still think that the RLA agreement section of the LOA, was probably the most important part of it, to the company anyway.

From the bid FCIF:

..."Bidding the FDAs
When bidding for an FDA assignment, the Standing Bid program will prompt
you to agree to sign a CDG/HGK FDA Agreement before accepting your
Standing Bid
. Pilots who decline will not be allowed to submit a Standing
Bid containing preference for either FDA. Pilots who bid and are awarded
a vacancy at CDG or HKG will be required to sign a CDG/FDA agreement and return it to the System Chief Pilot prior to the start of any training or
distribution of any benefits. A hard copy of the CDG/FDA Agreement
contained in this package and is also available under Forms (Printable
Forms) on"

But, they would have opened the FDAs anyway. Right?
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