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Originally Posted by saab340driver View Post
That's correct. The flow was on the table and there was active discussion with DAL 6 months ago, however, for reasons mentioned previously it was pulled back off. However, the numbers are beginning to cause a reaction. It's funny how that works. So, as predicted, true career progression to DAL for our pilots is back on the table (as it should be). The upcoming meetings at the undisclosed location will include serious conversation on this topic, and I predict, along with quite a few others, that in the end (2018) there will be some sort of flow/staple/absorption/B-Scale to DAL. There is no doubt the landscape is changing rapidly and DAL has a vested interest in maintaining our current pilots on property. Looking forward to hearing from the MEC soon on what this will look like. The floodgates will open up when this happens and a job at 9E will be a career at DAL.
But if the flow requires the exclusion of those that took the chance to interview and were turned down, or even the exclusion of everyone currently here and only starts with a new version of the EtD deal then I'd say that would be a tough sell here....
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