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Originally Posted by msprj2 View Post
I think you are missing some of the point. Granted it's known as the 1500hr rule but it also mentions training standards. Which are probably as/more important than just experience alone. To argue that a 250hr pilot is better or at least equal to
A more experienced one is wrong.
No, you are missing the point. My post was in response to someone posting a link telling us to contact Congress to tell them not to lower the hours requirement. I do think there were several measures put in place as part of the same legislation, I think they should stay in place, and nowhere does it say that Congress trying to roll back those changes.

In response to your post, I absolutely agree that training is paramount, and that's what the statistics show. I would argue that a pilot with 250 hours who graduated from an AABI accredited school is a better pilot than someone with 1500 hours who went through a part 61 course at their home field and has now been teaching that course or flying for fun to build hours. Why? because I think it's not about hours, it's about quality of training.

To answer someone else's post, I wasn't a part 141 instructor, and I got my ATP before all of these changes came about.
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