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Originally Posted by atrdriver View Post
Your concerns about JB and its [mis]management are completely founded. I have serious doubts about the future of this place too. BUT I have much deeper doubts about the future of every single regional airline out there. Probably should bail out, come here and get a new type then bail for an airline that treats you with respect and pays appropriately at your earliest chance. Welcome aboard. It's nice to have new hires that are immune to the blue juice.
It's also nice to know that their are plenty of pilots that are immune to YOUR professional advice and doom and gloom. Are you going to financially back these pilots if they make the wrong decision since you seem to know everything. Our profit margins are higher than Delta and we are the 6th most profitable airline in the world. This airline makes plenty of money. It is not broken. Many volunteers are working very hard toward our first contract including mediation.

I enjoy working at JetBlue and this company...I know I am an idiot for liking it here! I also am looking forward and working toward a fair and equitable contract.....
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