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Originally Posted by jdebrey View Post
Hey guys, I'm in an aviation careers planning class and have an assignment where I need these questions answered.

Professor said about a paragraph per question.

This would be a huge help to me.

Thanks, John

The purpose of this interview will be to discuss training at their 121 carrier. Be sure to include the following:

1. Can you briefly describe the types of training you received from the first day you showed up at your current company until you were fully line qualified?

2. What was the most challenging part of your training and how did you overcome those challenges?

3. At your airline, what happens if a pilot experiences problems with their recurrent checkrides or other checking events?

4. Do you have any advice for me regarding how to best prepare for training when I start my airline career?

Go Sioux, I went to UND and first off they seem to be in their own bubble of how they think the airline industry works. They still spew a lot of crap like it's 2005. Any who,

1- you go to ground school. It's generally 4 weeks long. 2 week being to Indoc type stuff, company things etc etc etc. last 2 weeks is systems. You then go to FTDs and then sims. This usually lasts about 3-4 weeks. Then you go to OE, it's generally 2-3 trips depending where you go.

2- the hardest part was all in the beginning, getting your initial tickets. It took a lot of hard work and motivation to keep going. Having good support from yourself and those around you to keep going when you struggle it's key.

3- this can vary. If you totally struggle, ans you don't make progress with extra help, they might ask you to resign, if you need some extra help, Have a good attitude and keep making progress, they'll work with you and give you some extra time in the sims. If you do something really dumb on a line check, you might be pulled off the line and be given training, or sent to a hearing to discuss what happened. It really depends

4- keep your nose clean, work hard, study and keep a positive attitude. You'll get where you wanna get, seems like so far in the distance but enjoy the ride. Grand forks might stink now but you'll look back and wish you were back there. Good luck
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