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Originally Posted by SAROVA View Post
It's fun. That's it. Low pay, no benefits. Give the, a call they are always hiring.
Hey guys...full disclosure, I'm the CEO. Also a pilot. Just happened to come across this...

Benefits include healthcare, Jumpseat agreements with some 121 airlines, bonus/profit share, PTO, seniority based pay scales which are above market for the 208.

Additional benefits include: we are a fast growing company who promotes based simply on attitude, work ethic, and performance. Pilots are trained from day 1 on CRM, ORM, standardization, etc...some of our guys went on to ace interviews with 121 carriers thanks to the professionalism taught here. A couple are in the process of interviewing for ANG units, as well.
Two pilot crews so lots of opportunity for upgrades through growth (provided you just kill it in the professionalism arena...seniority does not guarantee upgrade).

Company is run by ex-military aviation...we look for those who have the type of attitude and professionalism that I'm used to. If you do, we'll take care of you.

Oh are is a lot of fun to fly seaplanes, too. Work hard, play hard.

If you would like additional info please email [email protected].

Fly safe. Good luck with the job search.

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