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ImagineAir is a joke.
Everyone knows "The Russell" is their chief pilot who was lucky to find a job after getting fired from ExpressJet.

The basic concept of Imagineair was interesting. However, the company is run like a Three Stooges movie. Not one manager knows what the others are doing and each thinks he knows better than the other guy. The training program is a joke, run by a guy named John Penintelli who has no good right holding a CFI ticket.

Their airplanes are pretty ragged. The Cirrus was never intended to be a charter airplane.

So if you want to fly ragged airplanes for $35,000, a crappy medical plan and no other benefits, come on over. All the SE piston time you'll build won't help your career.

Those guys are so desperate for pilots that at one time they were advertising for VFR only pilots.
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