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Right now, we aren't hiring. I think in a month we will interview for a January class. As far as getting on, if you have a referral from one of us, you get an interview. Be prepared, I'd say almost half don't make it through and quite a few are flunking out after ground school when they get to the plane. Some people don't come prepared and think it will be easy but they are very picky about who makes it. We have a sim in Denver and Maui for the interview so be prepared. Also, be on the top of your IFR game. Know the regs. I hear we get on average four applications per day. I went from first day of ground to flying the line in two weeks. We have a lot of turn over here. It's a great time building job. Don't expect to make much as an SIC but we all have to pay our dues. Hope this helps.
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