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Gents- there are big differences between the 747 and the MD-11 on every facet of flying at WGA. The mad dog does the bulk of the heavy lifting here (pun intended) and some of the garden spots in Africa and other places is not fun. It is what it is. Obviously the DH/positioning to and from assignments depends on where you live and what airport the Co flies you in and out of. Bottom line: it all sucks but its the price for living in the place you want to live.

WGA doesn't pretend to be anything it is not. It is a growing company that points out from the interview onwards that the flying here is hard work. I will say that overall I am impressed with the mgt and ownership of the airline. They do their best to support the crews on the road (its not perfect), however, benefits like a profit sharing plan and constant 360 feedback environment are just a few of the efforts by senior leadership to keep pilots, MX and LM's interested and motivated to the extent they can. As you all know, freighter ACMI flying is not for folks looking for a cushy gig. I'll get off my soapbox now...
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