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Originally Posted by Poopchute701 View Post
The rumor for the past year or two has been a preferential interview or flow type of deal from Compass to Hawaiian. I don't think it will happen because Hawaiian doesn't really gain anything except pilots from the mainland who work cheap for the first year and bail with their new A330 rating. I agree that there will potentially be a flow from Ohana to Hawaiian, but Hawaiian has always emphasized that they like to see pilots with Mainland experience. I've heard of people jumping ship from Ohana to mainland regional carriers just to get that experience.
I agree entirely. I have heard personal accounts of guys having to get some mainland time before HAL gives them the thumbs up. In my case I've been on the mainland since 250hrs and the stories of needing mainland time is what motivated me to stay out here rather than move back home once I was ATP qualified. Not sure if 1200 hrs 135 sic mainland and 400hrs 121 mainland is enough but we will cross that bridge when it comes, if the Ohana opportunity ever does materialize.
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