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Originally Posted by Braniff DC8 View Post
Bombinha! Please, I beg of you. Get or stay off that merry go round, it will kill you! A few trips in economy to India, or around the Middle East, will cure you in a hurry. They will treat like you like rubbish cause thatís what they really think of you. Go fly somewhere nice, like Hawaii or Alaska. ALL the good regionals are hiring and trust me, itís better than any 121 Charter/Supplemental, out there. You will not gain anything going to a bottom feeder. I had to learn the hard way although quickly. A crash pad in kew gardens is better than Afghanistan or Africa anyday.
I know a bit of the points I'm about to make have already been made here but I'll add my two cents:

This is absolutely outdated. I am fairly new, just off IOE and on the MD11 with A background as an RJ captain and I'm young. Under 30. But my experience with all facets of the company so far are overwhelmingly positive.

You are not treated like rubbish, and the leadership goes to pretty solid lengths to remind you that they don't see you as rubbish.

They never lied and said the schedule or flying would be a cakewalk from the onset. Not even in the interview. They said 20 hour days were possible, and I've certainly worked some long ones.

They are mostly supplemental. The operation changes constantly and so schedules change constantly to meet the needs of the customers. They don't do this because they hate you, they do this because that is how they meet their customers requirements, fulfill their contracts, and keep making money which directly contributes to you keeping a job and making money yourself.

They have a constant open line of communication and feedback between operations, the line, and management.

They do little things like send you digital Christmas cards and give you a little extra to get yourself a nice dinner if you are working through holidays.

There is a decent peak season bonus.

There is talk of profit sharing.

They operate on a business philosophy they call "The western global way" which is bassed on the "great game of business" concept. (Google it, really cool idea)

They are trying to establish a company and corporate culture and unique identity.

The economy class deadheads seem to be a sticking point for alot of people. Business class deadheads for every crew member all the time all over the world is a massive expense. It doesn't make economic sense to do that when you are a new company that is trying to grow and gain new contracts and need to keep your costs as low as possible to be able to under bid your larger and more established competitors.

There are tons of "economy class CEOs" out there that don't even buy themselves first or business everywhere they go.

I get that other guys require it as per their CBA and I get that it's really nice. I'd love to fly business everywhere I go for sure, but don't you think it's just a bit pretentious to think that you should be entitled to that at all times?

I personally would rather work for a strong, competitive, financially secure company that keeps growing and receive bigger profit sharing checks than get every deadhead at a price tag of 5 grand a pop. I sure as hell wouldnt buy business for myself all the time even if I had the money to if I'm trying to reinvest everything I can in to growth.

Just playing devils advocate and I happen to understand economics on an amateur level and respect the reasoning there.

It may not always be the case for us either. We can always hope for business class deals in the future if the company grows steadily and gets as big as a
Atlas or K4 and gets pockets as deep as atlas or k4. Who knows?

WGA is fairly new as a company and they are changing fast. Improvements come every day. There are certainly some things that are still being figured out, but from what I've been able to acertain, working here now is like working for a different company all together even than working here a year ago. Alot of people left back then. The comapny made an assessment of why and what it would take to attract and retain people, and put it in to action. Some are coming back. That is all without a big union pushing an agenda. Nobody forced the company to do that. They did it because they are smart enough to understand pilots are a big part of a successful airline. And in a world where other managements are fileing law suits against their pilot groups make them work harder instead of raising pay and making QOL adjustments to encourage them to stay and work hard, I think that speaks volumes for the quality of the folks who run this place.

I can't offer a comparison to life at Atlas of K4 because I have not worked from them. I can only say what my own experience has been thus far. And I understand that as far as the ACMI industry foes right now K4 is top level. If I had a job offer on the table from both I'd take k4. But I didn't, I had a job offer from WGA and I don't regret taking it at all. Ask me in a year if I've changed my mind. I doubt I will have.

Oh and economy class deadheads can be rough, true. But you keep your miles and likely will attain a level of status with at least one of the big three legacies depending on where you live if in the us.

A word of advice on that from my own experiences deadheading and paying my own tickets in the past as well that has nothing to do with WGA but is none the less relevant and can make the travel experience more palatable:

Travel in uniform, introduce yourself to the in-flight service manager and the captain on your international legs, smile, be respectful, don't act entitled, and go on about your trip and you'll be surprised what happens when a seat turns out to be open In business or economy comfort.

I may have had economy class tickets on my deadheads both ways this month, but on the international segments, I did not sit in economy.

Obviously doesn't happen all the time, and you can't be upset if it doesn't. But crewmembers tend to take care of each other.

I have heard this happens less on the foreign flag carriers and some companies like Qatar and Lufthansa ask that you remove your wings and epaulettes so their customers do not mistake you for one of their employees. I haven't delt with that yet.

As for the middle seats, use the airline apps and keep checking back multiple times a day to see if other seats have opened up, as people's plans change, seats will open up and then get gobbled up really fast but there is usually a window of opportunity to nab a better seat.

Basic tier 1 status with all 3 us legacies include at least day of travel complimentary economy plus upgrades. If you have status, don't forget to use it!

Also there tend to be some economy comfort or economy plus seats open that aren't middles. If you are in uniform, are nice and polite and happy, and ask the gate agent not specifically for comfort but rather "if there is any way if a window or aisle becomes available they could think about moving you there" alot of times you'll find yourself in economy comfort with at least A slightly better seat.

Again, not 100% all the time, but just like when you used to non-rev, a uniform, a pleasant attitude, and mutual respect can win you alot.

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