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Originally Posted by Herc130AV8R View Post
A few questions on the app.

Should I include .3 conversion factor in the "flight hours" tab? I don't feel I need it to reach any hours minimums. I see that the questionnaire asks if it is used or not. Just curious what the standard is.

Do I include Instructor hours in the PIC hours column? I'm assuming so based on how the "Grand Total" calculates.

For employment under "employment history", should I break out every job I've had in the Air Force? Or by each unit I've been in? Or call it one single employment period since it is the same employer?

Thanks for the help. I apologize if this is asked elsewhere. Hope the answers can help others also.
They will ask again in the interview if you used a conversion. I did not as it was needed for me. You decide that part.

I recall the instructor hours will total into your PIC hours automatically. But whichever it is, you can see the totals in pilot credential and know for sure.

This is what I did and the interview was a breeze with almost no questions asked other than total time/time per previous 3-5 years. And he even asked and did not look that’s I ever saw.

Show every position, location and unit for every job/position you have had...especially so if you only have active duty employment history...this is what a “profesional” review of my resume recommended.
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