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I think you will be up against far too many people who are properly qualified and probably won't even make it to an interviewer (sorry, don't mean to come off harsh, just being honest).

"The Capt's I fly with are not single pilot typed in the airplane"

If that were the case, an SIC would be required and then your time would be legitimate SIC time, so I am willing to bet that they do have a single pilot authorization.

"if they are single pilot typed or not, our insurance company requires my prescence"

Unfortunately, this doesn't count for much other than great experience and upward movement within a company.

"I am current in the aircraft in terms of training"

What kind of training? Is the King Air a 90, 100 or 200? If yes and you have the commercial multi, you could be logging PIC on your legs. Now THAT would help you.

Sounds like you need to either get yourself into a better SIC job or go get some kind of PIC job. As long as it is multi, even piston, it would set you up better.
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