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Like you said this is a gray area, and I DON'T have the answer. I flew for a part 135 operator in the right seat of a Caravan of all planes. The FISDO bought the time. When I met the mins for Express Jet I went to the panel class interview and was KICKED out. This made me think the time was bunk, and it maybe. I moved to the left seat and at 1200 hrs and flew for about 1000 more hoping it would justify my SIC time or just drowned it out. Moving down the road, I have interviewed at about 8 regionals and the topic never came up again. At the NJA interview this was not a problem and they never mentioned it. I had enough TT that if you subtracted my SIC time I still met the mins. My advice to you is when you meet the mins send in an app. If they don't like it,you will not be called for an interview. Get in that left seat if you can. If this continues to haunt you, obviously move on. The competition is going to get tougher if our IBB passes.
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