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Iím sure some of it has to do with your contractual rules (like if you get 10% DC and it stops at 270k) however here is how it works at Delta and how the 36k happens. Basically, Iím assuming your company (UPS ?) stops at 10% of 270. Simple as that.

We get 16% up to an unlimited amount of income (the 16% never stops). What does limit you is the IRS limits for tax free. So letís say you made 500k. You would get 80K but only the portion that the IRS letís be tax free would be tax free and the rest would be income subject to tax. There are 2 limits and 270k is one where they stop being tax free and 54k is the max combined too. So for a Delta guy you could go about it a couple ways. 1. Put in 18k and let the company put in up to 36k or 2. Put in 43.2k (.16 x 54) and you personally put in 10.8.

Make sense?

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