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Default New Hire Classes and Drops

Now that the company is consistently updating class dates I figured I would start a place for information to potential new hires. (Hopefully the significant gaps in hiring are over)

the company has started posting class dates on our company portal. Today they announced a march 6 class date.

It appears that the plan is to update planned classes about 2 months out. Here is what we know for now:

JAN 23 (32 in class)
FEB 20

There are NO hard numbers posted for class sizes, just the class dates. These are also furlough classes, so expect some spots to be filled by the 200ish furloughs still out through fall 2019.

Unfilled vacancies over the past few months have been:

737 - EWR, SFO, LAX
320 - EWR, SFO, LAX
756 - EWR, DCA, SFO, LAX

Last few classes have been given 737 and A320.

Good luck to all!
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