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Originally Posted by sigtauenus View Post
Go figure, crashes increase while flight hours decrease. Wonder when they'll figure out if they increase flight hours for us, crashes just might decrease.
How much do Viper drivers typically fly when not deployed?

Army C-12 minimums are 55 hours semi-annually as per the ATM which is just under 10 hours per month. I was informed of a very unofficial statement / opinion from one of the senior army IP's in the department of evaluation and standards that 15 should be the minimum and anything less than 15 hours per month led to a dangerously undertrained/non-proficient aviator.

My personal belief is that the target should be at least 25 hours per month but I understand those in the fighter/attack world put a lot of effort into preparing for and debriefing every training sortie and you may run out of hours in the month to hit higher minimums.
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