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Originally Posted by FXDX View Post
Two questions for any jumpseating experts:

1. Our pocket calendar says that NW will allow up to 2 off-line jumpseaters. Does anybody know if they will take more than that, assuming empty seats in the back? Will they allow you in the cockpit seat if the cabin is full and if so where do you put your bag? I'm assuming there is a limit to the amount of stuff you can take either way, but figure it would be more if you had to sit in the cockpit.

2. Anybody jumped on Frontier out of Denver? If so, how easy is it (the calendar says multiple jumpseaters) and do you need to get a "boarding pass" at the counter before you go to the gate in order to get through security? It also says to call to list, is that absolutely necessary to do in advance? Does it give you any assurance of a ride (assuming Captain's approval) as ours does, or are you still at the mercy of open seats in the back?

Thanks in advance for any info, I've been here over 5 but only off-line jumped once and it was a while ago. I don't want to goof it up too bad.

I've j/s on NW where there was more than 2. I've also jumpseated on Frontier, but not out of DEN, just into DEN. I quit commuting out of DEN a yr ago, but I quit getting the boarding passes a couple years prior, but as you know, its ever fluid at DEN!

I hardly ever pre-list, except with the CSAs at the ticket counters!
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