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Frontier hasn't been very good lately. I have done it both ways...I have gone straight to the gate and I have gone to the ticket counter to get a pass before proceeding to the gate. Both ways have ended up with the quad "S" code. I have had to go all the way back through screening and bring the "cleared" boarding pass back. The times I have gone to the counter, I get probed by the TSA, then have to show the proof of it...

They claim they can't clear quad "S" codes because they are being audited. They also claim that as a non-frontier employee you automatically get the S probing. I have had this happen going and coming. I am the only one?

Once all of the probing is complete, Frontier is GREAT! The pain getting on the plane is crazy! Also, I have listed everytime early and I still get the PAIN. Maybe I should change my name from Graabir Boubi to Jeff Smith or something simple...
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