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Originally Posted by Albief15 View Post
I sometimes fly flt 357 to (I think) FSD. My proposal is for us to start using callsigns for flights. For instance:

Us: "Memphis Center, FDX 357 passing 16,000 for 230. We need you to refer to us for the rest of the trip now as MAGNUM"

Center: "huh?"

Us: "Yeah....we ain't gonna answer anything but "MAGNUM" for the next 80 minutes, so pass it on down the sectors, okay?"

I can assure you'd we'd never miss a MANGNUM call.

The fun part would be naming each flight.... some ideas:

1818= "legal/legal"

1478 (TLH) = "seminole" or (poor taste I know) "bushwacker"

You get the idea. Have some fun naming your favorite trips. I'm sure we'd have some GREAT trips going into the Orient with some pretty cool names like "happy ending" and "long time".

Remember--its all about SAFETY, legality, and reliability....oh...and pride.
FNT= "Rusty"
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