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Originally Posted by FO Candidate View Post
I actually live in DR so I'm screwed to say the least in that regard. Miami is a second home cause of all the friends and family I got there. Same in Orlando thought I'd prefer the first. It's one of the reasons why I was initially obsessed with Envoy. Of course lil'l did I know it was a pipe dream being based there for the time being...
If you're near Punta Cana, according to the Route Map on you've got direct flights to both CLT and PHL. PHL may end up pretty Junior, CLT will take you a bit, especially as other bases open.

There's also direct flights to CLT from Puerto Plata, and PHL from Santo Domingo.

You're likely to end up with a fair amount of commuting pain for the first year or two, but of the three carriers you've listed, I'd take PSA in a heartbeat, because ultimately the commute is one leg, and way down the road is a flow to AA and ultimately a MIA base.

What I don't know enough about is getting MIA at Republic and how that works out, but at PSA you'll have relatively good priority in the back of mainline metal back to the Island.

All that said do your own homework on the commutes and frequencies to CLT and PHL from the DR.
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