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Originally Posted by Kansaspilot92 View Post
So I do have a quick question for you about a couple of the positions. I have about 520 hours now and am about to get my MEI, and by December of this year will be looking at the next step. Ameriflight makes a ton of sense for the next 5 years at least, maybe even longer. I live a couple hours away from omaha right now, but will be moving close to DFW in the next couple of years most likely. If I were to apply for a BE99 captain position in a year or so in Omaha, whats the likelihood of my ability to just travel to the position and stay on base for the time that I'll be required to be there? So not home basing, but not domiciled closer than 3 hours.

For a Beech 1900 captain position, if I came in with the required hours no problem except for the turbine time, would I still be considered? Or do I need to plan on getting that turbine time? The plan is to get to the Metro as soon as I can and settle in for awhile, maybe look at some of the flow agreements, but honestly I don't feel like moving on for awhile once I get there.

For religious reasons I don't work on sundays, and Ameriflight fits perfectly with that. If homebasing can also fit with that where I stay where I am and don't have to travel on sundays, I would be up for that too.

The unofficial info is as a home based captain you usually travel to your assignment on Sunday, work two weeks, the travel home on a Saturday, unless the trips you are covering also fly Saturday AM, then you might travel on Sunday.
Perhaps you might be able to ask for relief, maybe traveling early to your assignment, and paying for you hotel room, and not getting perdiem on that extra day, that way you are not being treated favorably or different.
Unfortunately air cargo flies 7 days a week, and to say you might never be REQUIRED to fly on ANY given day of the week might be impossible... Sometimes check rides, or ferry flights need to happen....
Having once dispatched for a company that had an Mennonite pilot that flew a regular scheduled run, sometimes it might work, but I am also suggesting that as Home based captain, we are kinda like the trouble shooters, we go here needed, and fly whatever routes are needed for 14 days, then get to go home for one or two weeks...we don't pick or choose, the company owns out time when on the road. Yes, it might be called a deal with the devil, but in exchange, we get lots of time at home, that is 100% ours to use.
With non home based positions, if you work a 14-16 duty day, would you be able to commute 3 hours BOTH ways and be safe and rested? Yes, I have known folks who have "camped out" at a location while looking for housing to save $$$, but fatigue is very dangerous.
Most folks would say NO...commuting more than an hour or 90 minutes is hard...suggesting anything else makes one question a persons judgement....,similarly, trying to sleep at an FBO at a destination might work a couple times, but it is certainty not a long time solution. You might find a roommate, or other "CRASH PAD" situation that might work.
I might suggest you take a long hard look at your goals, and what you are willing to do to accomplish them, since you are unlikely to find many others who will go through many hoops to help you so early in your career.
Not saying you can't accomplish what you want, but sometimes you must find a middle ground.
Good luck.
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