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Generally you catch an airline flight on a paid ticket to the city you will be flying out of on a Sunday, get a hotel, company paid, then start Monday am or pm depending on the route...if you generally have more than 4-5 hours in a location, the company will generally get you a place to stay, some locations may have crew cars, some use hotel shuttles at one or both ends. Then you generally return to your starting hotel for the night, and start over...
Other runs, you are in a different city each day, but as a home based captain, the company provides you a place.
In my experience hotels varry greatly, but have always been clean, safe and reasonable.
Sometimes you have a crew car, maybe shared, or solo, Sometimes a hotel shuttle, or just your two feet and hotel restaurant. It varries, but usually it's not too hard to make work.

Originally Posted by tailwheel View Post
Can any of the Home Based guys tell us about how lodging works in your case?

The recruiter wasn't clear on this. Do you get a hotel during the day as usual, then another at night, or do you fly a schedule that doesn't need this for crew rest requirements?

Also, what type of transportation do you use for back and forth from lodging and the airport, food runs, etc?
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