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Originally Posted by TiredSoul View Post
I don’t like that plane.
My opinion which accounts for absolutely nothing:
Aztec, Seneca, Seminole in that order.
Aztec en Seneca are “real” planes that’s are also flown outside of the training environment.
Seminole....meh...but loads of places have them so could come in handy for your MEI.
Agree. It sort of reminds me of the twin Aeronca that Aeronca came out with in the 60s. The name, IIRC, was the Lancer. That one was two-place and had fixed gear, fixed props, and dual Continental 100 hp engines. It was designed for no other reason than to provide Cheap ME ratings but was so pathetic that the FAA eventually decided that ME ratings granted in the aircraft would be valid only in that type.

SE service ceiling was advertised at 2200 feet at standard temperature and pressure. On a warm day in the Midwest you would LOSE about 250FPM in straight and level flight due to the windmilling and non-feathering propellor. They only made about three or four dozen of them.
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