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So from what I understand from your reply you have to put in an application? Can people be rejected from the program when they apply and if so for what reasons? Also if you complete the program do you get a guaranteed job with UPS or a guaranteed interview? I'm asking because my ultimate goal is to work for UPS and I think Ameriflight would be a great first job to get there.
Yes, you have to put in an application. It's for paperwork purposes to kick off the program. After that, leaders from AMF will decide if you should be placed in it. To be in the program, you have to be in good standing with AMF - so not too many sick calls, not too many write ups, not too many training failures, etc.
Formally, it's a guaranteed interview. During the program, you have to meet a series of benchmarks - leadership, personal, professional, etc. Those are outlined for you and you'll have to lead it. Your 12 month mentorship (where you'll have a UPS Captain mentor and be immersed in the UPS culture) and jet transition course is also a big part. If you get through the program, you have a guaranteed interview. Formally, that's all we can guarantee, but looking at everything that goes into it, it's your job to lose. To give you a little more comfort, you'll be connected with UPS the whole time, so it isn't likely that you'll suddenly become undesirable.
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