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Great reply. So they see your checkride failures, like if you failed a PPL or a CPL. Thanks a ton

Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
Sort of.

There's no such thing as "Your PRIA".

PRIA is a law which allows and requires airlines (and 135/91K) to access several third party records before hiring pilots:

- Certain FAA records

- Certain training records from past aviation employers

- National Driver Register

121/135/91k are required to maintain and return PRIA-specific records. Past part 91 employers are not required to maintain records, but if they do, they are supposed to respond with what they have.

The AC linked above has details.

But that's only the beginning. Any person or employer can also initiate a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the FAA, which will require them to essentially provide ALL of their records on you. The only exception would be certain sensitive records such as medical details. Some employers do FOIA for all job candidates, so assume anything in your FAA file is fair game. You can also FOIA yourself, and should do this so you know what's there.

Also pull your current employer PRIA records (there was an error in mine, a failure was indicated but I never had one ). You cannot access past employer's PRIA data, except when applying for a new job you can opt to get a copy of what they send (you should).

Airlines will access DOT drug test records, which will show any past DOT test failure or refusal (not just aviation, any DOT tested position such as truck driver).

Last but not least, when they do your SIDA check, they'll access your FBI database which will show certain arrests and convictions. You can and should FOIA your FBI records as well.
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