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Originally Posted by El Pilot View Post
I saw that today in the morning. It looks promising, just like the regionals are doing. How long in theory could the process take say starting at 1200 on the Caravan, to FedEx? Also I heard Empire is getting the new Cessna Skycouriers in 2020.
Guys in my base are flying 10 to 28 hours a month in the 208. Not sure about other bases. The ATR crews are flying about 1.5 times that.

I believe the program requires a min commitment to Empire of 36 months and 500 121 pic, and Fedex wants 2500 total.

From a start of 1200 total time like you specify, figuring 25 hrs a month my math garners me 52 months, or 4.3 years at my domicile.

That of course doesn't factor in any other variables.

Provided a guy meets all the other requirements Fedex wants, one could build the time a lot faster in other ways.

I guess the variable is how much weight they are going to give Empire connection.

The Cessna twins...weren't those getting built in China and now possibly Trumped?
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