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My first post here. Wanted to get some more information in regards to Star Marianas Air. Did an interview with them last Friday and they told me they would get back to me. They initially asked for my documents (pilot certificate, medical etc.) and we set up an interview date. How long do they usually take to reply whether you got the job or not? and how hard is the transition to their islands and working there? Just worried because I was expecting to know the results on the interview and they said they would reply and let me know within a week or so. Is this normal? Any info about them would be greatly appreciated. I've seen all other posts about them in the past but they were pretty outdated.
Given that they are almost 6000 miles from the US mainland and that even the cheapest airline ticket just to get you there (or a recruiter to you) is a thousand bucks, they do tend to do a lot of stuff over the Internet and there is more lag time than your typical regional.

I'd be amazed if you can get a decision out of them in less than a week. Ten days would not surprise me.

As for working in the Marianas for STAR, I doubt anyone can give you good input right now - including those people actually working there. My understanding is Cape Air is closing down their operation there and that's gonna potentially shake up everything as STAR struggles to pick up some of their routes:
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