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I fly part time for them. I know my opinion may be biased because of that but Here goes: negative stuff is very unfair in my opinion. Yes, the equipment is well used but well maintained. The airplanes receive zero time engines direct from continental and I can honestly say every airplane powerplant runs like a top. Props have to be inspected/ changed per 135 rules. iOW, the airplanes are maintained to 135 standards and run/fly very well. Radios, engine controls, flight controls—overall stuff that make the airplanes solid and comfortable to fly are correct. All airplanes except a couple of barons have gps 430/530 throughout the fleet. All bonanzas have working autopilots with wing levelers at the very least to make ifr stuff a little easier. Ben Gunderman, Tom Johnson, and Richard Funk (ceo/do/cp) are total stand up guys and will set new hires up for success. Really good, nice people and I say that with all honesty. You want a glass cockpit and shiny metal, this is not for you. You want good people and solid airplanes with the ability to log 80 hours a month of quality PIC time then come on. Feel free to PM me anytime.
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