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I see his name on the Silver Swallows. Thank you for taking the time to inform me. I assumed he had passed but never knew for sure. He gave me a trunk of his old books when I was young. Tom Sawyer, Black Beauty. Tom Swifts Adventures etc. I read them repeatedly. How could I find out when he passed and where?
I only found 1 James A. Eckols' death record that was anywhere close to the right age:

James A Eckols
Birth Date 7 Feb 1932
Death Date 7 Dec 1998
Death Location Lukeville, AZ, 85341

I could not find any other info like an obituary.

See if the Silver Swallows have any contact info, or you could try contacting ALPA. Ozark was merged into TWA in 1986, then TWA was bought by American in 2001. American was not an ALPA carrier, their union is Allied Pilot's Association (APA).

Here's some websites you should check out:

I'd probably try Facebook's Silver Swallows page first.
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