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Originally Posted by crxpilot View Post

Where will Andrew go next?

Maybe back to Allegiant?!

United Airlines Chief Financial Officer Andrew Levy has resigned and the carrier will "immediately" begin a search for a permanent replacement, the airline said Thursday......
Doubtful. He left AAY quite suddenly, reportedly because he was tired of playing second fiddle to an increasingly stubborn, micro-managing CEO that refused to hand over the reins. AL was a huge component to the success of AAY and looked to settle the growing labor issues and focus on growing the company. Likewise, he probably found himself boxed-in at the highly structured, stuffy UAL. The prospect of becoming President or CEO dissolved when Kirby was hired from AA to be the President and CEO Munoz, a heart-transplant recipient, was showing no signs of stepping down.

Time will tell, but I believe he's looking to take his talent, experience and insight, surround himself with like-minded colleagues, and try his hand at running his own show. JMO
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