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(Forbes) Travel industry analyst and advisor Henry Harteveldt described Levy’s decision as “a vote of no-confidence” in some of the leadership at United. “My understanding is that Mr. Levy had become frustrated with some things at United that led to a point of no return,” he said. The frustration—whatever it might have been—was not with the airline’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, however. “[It] was more with [United’s President] Scott Kirby, perhaps others at the senior level,” Harteveldt said. “I don’t have insight into the specific actions that triggered him to leave [today]. I’m not aware that he has another job…but at this point he reached the end of whatever rope he had.”

(CNBC) "I have some interesting opportunities and now is the right time for me to move forward.".....Levy wrote on his LinkedIn page that he is "considering several exciting opportunities and will choose one in the coming weeks."

Note the similarities to this and his announcement following his departure from AAY:

"These past 13 years have been exciting, and I am extremely proud of the company we have built, but it is time for me to pursue more entrepreneurial opportunities.
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